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If you’re interested in keeping tabs on our work, sign up for our newsletter where it is listed on our home-page. We primarily email a monthly bulletin, you can find the archive on our website under Bulletin.

Share Thoughts

We are always interested in hearing from riders and transit union members, feel free to email us at pta@eastbaydsa.org and share any thoughts that could inform our organizing. We’re a small, volunteer-run organization so we may not always get a chance to respond, but we read and appreciate your thoughts.

If you take the time to email us, let us know what mode of transportation you use and what lines. If you are a union member, let us know what union you belong to.


PTA is entirely volunteer-run. This means we need you, a volunteer, to join! In particular, we are in need of these roles:

  • Writer - Occasionally write articles on transit topics from a socialitst lens. For online and print distribution.
  • Meme Lord - Everyone loves memes!
  • Fare-free researcher and proposal writer - We’re currently researching and putting together a proposal for a fare-free pilot program.
  • AC Transit and MTC meeting watchdogging - Attend public meetings, take note of significant occurrences and give public comment.

With that being said, you don’t need any particular skills or even more than a few hours to be a huge help to our movement. Power flows from the people, so get involved! We strive to actively mentor. Email us at pta@eastbaydsa.org if you are interested.